Performance Challenge

Ready to Race?


RECARO Automotive Seating’s Performance Challenge at this year’s IAA in Frankfurt, will make the hearts of motorsport enthusiasts beat faster. Every day from September 16 to September 24, 2017, visitors can register for the virtual driving experience right at the RECARO exhibition at the Adient booth B24 in Hall 5.1.

In the simulator, they will compete in a real RECARO racing seat to literally experience the feel of RECARO Performance up close and intense. The simulated race takes place on the short lap configuration of the Grand Prix track at the Nürburgring. Day winners will receive spectacular drift and race car rides on the Hockenheimring and Nürburgring. The overall winner can look forward to an exclusive drift training session on the Hockenheimring!

Special highlight for motorsport fans: In addition, on Wednesday, September 20 at 1 p.m., this year’s Le Mans champion, Timo Bernhard, will visit the RECARO booth. He will take a lap in the simulator – without any competitors, of course – and comment live as his car speeds around the track. The Porsche factory driver is already excited to see “whether someone will beat my best lap time in the RECARO Performance Challenge” and will hold a signing session immediately after his ride in the simulator.

The winners


Rank 1: Severin Austerschmidt
Lap time: 1:35:227

Rank 2: Philipp Arendt
Lap time: 1:36:425

Rank 3: Harun Benli
Lap time: 1:36:650

Rank 4: Benedikt Staneczek
Lap time: 1:38:941

Rank 5: ––
Lap time: 1:40:202

Rank 6: Andreas Kociok
Lap time: 1:40:331

Rank 7: Deniz Yilmazer
Lap time: 1:40:571

Rank 8: Arthur Greb
Lap time: 1:41:497

Rank 9: Janosch Merl
Lap time: 1:42:874

Rank 10: ––
Lap time: 1:43:818


Rank 1: Philipp Mattern
Lap time: 1:45:161

Rank 2: Jan Bendel
Lap time: 1:47:802

Rank 3: Daniel Petermann
Lap time: 1:48:702

Rank 4: Andreas Kociok
Lap time: 1:48:988

Rank 5: Christopher Peters
Lap time: 1:49:911

Rank 6: Linus Krunke
Lap time: 1:54:515

Rank 7: Alexander Marb
Lap time: 1:55:575

Rank 8: Florian Kolkowski
Lap time: 1:55:964

Rank 9: ––
Lap time: 1:56:430

Rank 10: ––
Lap time: 1:57:363


Rank 1: ––
Lap time: 1:38:341

Rank 2: Max Seidenstücker
Lap time: 1:39:873

Rank 3: Sascha Korbas
Lap time: 1:41:201

Rank 4: Tom Gundlach
Lap time: 1:41:901

Rank 5: ––
Lap time: 1:42:780

Rank 6: Tin-shin Hsu
Lap time: 1:43:464

Rank 7: Felix Beringhoff
Lap time: 1:45:415

Rank 8: Lucca Verbuyst
Lap time: 1:45:607

Rank 9: Timo Busse
Lap time: 1:45:83

Rank 10: Alexander Beese
Lap time: 1:48:263


Rank 1: Tim Brockmeyer
Lap time: 1:39:504

Rank 2: Sascha Korbas
Lap time: 1:41:508

Rank 3: Tom Gundlach
Lap time: 1:43:419

Rank 4: ––
Lap time: 1:43:642

Rank 5: ––
Lap time: 1:44:586

Rank 6: Steven Kienast
Lap time: 1:46:327

Rank 7: Philipp Berboth
Lap time: 1:46:872

Rank 8: ––
Lap time: 1:48:194

Rank 9: Jonathan Höller
Lap time: 1:52:326

Rank 10: ––
Lap time: 1:53:505


Rank 1: Marko Pejic
Lap time: 1:33:524

Rank 2: Blaz Kuslan
Lap time: 1:36

Rank 3: Tim Vogler
Lap time: 1:38

Rank 4: Dominik Küper
Lap time: 1:39

Rank 5: Xiaonan Huang
Lap time: 1:39

Rank 6: Marcel Enckler
Lap time: 1:41

Rank 7: Dennis Strohmayer
Lap time: 1:43

Rank 8: Daniel Diamante
Lap time: 1:44

Rank 9: Dominik Diamante
Lap time: 1:45

Rank 10: Junaid Chowhan
Lap time: 1:48

An overview of the prices

Monday (September 18), Wednesday (September 20), Friday (September 22):
A drift-taxi ride on RECARO seats with Team Gusenbauer, Hockenheimring.

Tuesday (September 19), Thursday (September 21):
A lap in the racing taxi of Team Sorg in a Porsche Cayman, Nürburgring

Saturday (September 16 and 23):
A lap in the racing taxi of Team Black Falcon in a Porsche 991 with RECARO shells, Nürburgring.

Sunday (September 17 and 24):
A lap in the racing taxi of Team RSR in a Nissan GT-R with RECARO seats, Nürburgring.

The IAA overall winner is then determined from all daily champions. He wins a drift training session with Team Gusenbauer at the Hockenheimring.

RECARO Automotive Seating at the IAA 2017 in Frankfurt

This year’s gathering of the world’s automotive industry in Frankfurt will be focused on the future. As a premium manufacturer, RECARO Automotive Seating is presenting new performance seats for today and tomorrow at the show.

RECARO Pole Position (ABE) Edition 2018

Racing shell culture in limited numbers.